Bimini Deep


Adventure erupts around a boating couple after they stumble upon drug runners and mystical ancients in the Bahamas Islands.

Written aboard an anchored boat at Chub Cay, in the Berry Islands.

My characters are ex special forces and can very well handle themselves; no worries, she is as capable as he is.
They look after themselves, with a little help from a militant archaeologist and United States Coast Guard, Miami Group.
They not only destroy an international narcotics forwarding scheme, but also manage to save a race of very old natives from the hands of the druggies.

Those who cruised the Bahamas Islands in small boats back in the less complicated days, will no doubt recognize some of the islands, freight boats and places.
Of those, sadly, the Compleat Angler, Hemingway's Bimini hangout deserves a mention, as this most cherished piece of history was lost to fire in 2006.... (Yes, it was spelled 'Compleat'.)



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